Drizzle – The Night club at East Cost Road was launched by Actress Sakshi Agarwal

Drizzle Restaurant  which has been a favorite hangout spot for youngsters and expats alike in the scenic stretch of the East Coast Road is back with a revamped look introducing Drizzle – The Night club.IMG_7599

‘Drizzle’, The Night club situated at East Coast Road, Neelangarai, Chennai, was launched by Actress Sakshi Agarwal, Dr.Manoj Beno – Managing Director, Billroth Hospitals and Ms Sona Prakash – Managing director, Drizzle, The Night club.

Chennai’s snug little hangout, Drizzle on the ECR side of town, has received a serious overhauling. It has been being launched by Actress Sakshi Agarwal, Dr.Manoj Beno – Managing Director, Billroth Hospitals and Ms Sona Prakash – Managing director Drizzle, The Night club,  afresh as an all-new destination for the roving party-goers of Chennai. Say ECR and a relaxed vibe and scenic drives come to mind – there lies the appeal of Drizzle. A far cry from most inner city haunts, Drizzle has always wowed guests with its intimate ambience. Keeping its resto bar legacy intact, Drizzle also boasts of a delectable food and beverage menu to keep you going through the party. Now, the arrival of a dedicated dance floor is sure to be a hit with the vibrant Chennai crowd that loves another reason to party.IMG_7671

Apart from the reputation it already enjoys, Drizzle gives you 7 more ways in which to let your hair down – a cool theme for every day of the week. Kicking off the week is Rock Night – headbanging to timeless rock is a perfect way to send those Monday blues packing. Bring your friends along on Tuesdays and you can karaoke the night away. ‘Surrender to salsa’ is the mantra for Wednesday nights at your favourite new nightclub and what do you know? We’re already through the midweek slump! Come Thursdays and the live band gigs promise to showcasenamma Chennai’s talent like never before. Scream TGIF and raise a toast to the city’s beautiful women on Ladies night every Friday. Since there is no such thing as a quiet weekend, dance away your Saturdays with irresistible smash hits on Club night. Finally, channel the laidback 70’s for a groovy finish to your week.

Ample space for parking is another excuse to hit Drizzle – save yourself the hassle of discovering spots to park your ride at – and that’s a biggie.

With so much going for it, the versatile new avatar of Drizzle is all set to become a definitive new experience in the nightclub arena.